Yikes! Selena Gomez’s Twitter and Facebook Hacked!

selena-gomez-tyg-000995.jpgFirst, death threats, now Selena Gomez is dealing with another ordeal which is suspected to be caused by the obsessed and extremely misguided throng of his rumored baby love, Justin Bieber. Just barely a week after the photos of the two were leaked canoodling and (almost) kissing in a yacht, the Disney star’s Twitter and Facebook account was hacked yesterday.

This came as a surprise for the sole Disney star who still isn’t plagued with scandalous controversies when statements such as ‘Oh yeh Justin Bieber sucks!!!!!!!’, ‘This message is for puha, YOU SUCK BITCH!!!’, and ‘THE KID ON 4CHAN.ORG IS A LIEN F**KER HE DIDN’T HACK SHIT!!!!’ popped in her Twitter and Facebook accounts. Barely minutes after the posts, Selena tweeted a message saying ‘Obviously, my Facebook has been hacked. My twitter has been fixed and everyone is working on Facbook. Love you guys!!!!!’.

The culprit even left a last message saying that ‘This account has been hacked by, PkinJ0r – Aka – Prokill The Video I gave to someone random an asked them to upload. So, Thanks random dude.’

Despite of the fact that the main suspects are Bieber’s very own angry and jealous fans, the singer didn’t release any statement regarding the matter. So death threats and social network hacking, what’s next for Selena?


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