Who Has the Best Celebrity Facebook Page?

Facebook is everywhere, and everyone who is anyone and those who are no one have a Facebook page that they use on a daily basis. This is just what they are for. You can stay connected with those around you and share your stories, your life and anything else that you feel is important with the rest of the world and those around you and on your Facebook. Pages have even been set up for celebrities. Their fans are able to follow them through these pages, instead of flooding their private pages. Here are some of the best Facebook pages out there for those celebrities. Who knows, you could be following a couple of them already…

Anne Hathaway

Worried about the hate that is against her, she made sure to make a movement when it came to what she stands for. She made a Facebook page to see those fans that do like her and always is quick to share pictures of her pup right on the page for all to see.

Vin Diesel 

He made a page and it now has over 89 million likes. We want to blame it on the fact that he puts candid, cheesy photos on it and then quotes that go along with them. He knows how to keep it real and so many people like to see real when it comes to the stars. Vin is the realest you’re going to get.


With 106 million likes and counting, her page has the most likes throughout the social media website. You can tell that the staff that works for her keeps updating the site in Spanish and in English, but every now and again, you get a nice shot of a part of her life that she shares on there herself.

Samuel L. Jackson

You probably cannot even picture this bad boy with a Facebook page to begin with, and we do not blame you. However, he has one of the best ones out there. He usually only posts every now and again when the time comes, but recently he has been being an activist on race and hate crimes out there, posting more about love and understanding.


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