Whitney Houston’s Official Death Has Been Determined

Whitney Houston's Official Death Has Been DeterminedThe L.A. County Coroner has revealed that when Whitney Houston died she did indeed have cocaine in her system.

The L.A. County Corner also changed her official cause of death to an accidental drowning. However, they have also noted that heart disease and cocaine were the other factors that played a part in her death as well.

Other things that were found in Whitney Houston’s system included marijuana, Xanax, Flexeril, and Benadryl.

Some sources are saying that they feel it is highly likely that Whitney Houston has a heart attack which caused her to become unconscious and as a result she drowned. The heart attack could have been brought on due to cocaine causing her arteries to harden.

As some of you may remember when Whitney Houston was found dead, she was in a bathtub and several types of pills were found in the room. However, the one thing that was not present was cocaine. Also, ever since the news leaked out law enforcement has being saying that her death had nothing to do with foul play. However, her family felt otherwise.

Whitney Houston’s family has said that they are sad to find out the results but they are glad that they finally have closure.


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