Which One Direction Band Member Has A Passion For Knitting? Yes That’s Knitting!

rsz_harry_stylesWhen you spend a long time away from home it must be difficult to find ways in which to pass the time. Just ask the One Direction boys, as they are currently in the middle of their ‘Where We Are’ tour, but for one of them rather than spending time playing ‘Call of Duty’ of ‘FIFA14’ on the Playstation or Xbox they prefer to knit. Yes that’s right a One Direction band member likes to knit during their spare time!

The band member in question is the one and only Harry Styles and a source has revealed all about his love of knitting to the Daily Star Newspaper as they said, “Harry has always been able to knit, he finds it relaxing, but he’s never put as many hours in as he is doing at the moment.”

Now that is something we would love to see, Harry Styles knitting. The source went on to say, “He says it’s the only way he can unwind after hours of listening to fans screaming for 1D. The other lads tease him for it, but he doesn’t care. Harry joked he’ll be knitting them all Christmas presents.”

Look out for One Direction’s Christmas single, the five boys could all be wearing festive knitwear created by Harry!


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