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Mike Rowe Feels the Lawsuit Against him Is A Joke
Mike Rowe is being sued by Mike Rowe. Mike Rowe is a prisoner in one of the South Dakota locations who claims that he is harassed on daily basics due to the fact that a celebrity who is not for
Beyonce’s Baby Bump Controversy
There’s a crazy rumor out there about Beyoncé and her pregnancy ever since she appeared on an Australian TV show this weekend called "Sunday Night". Beyoncé was wearing a tight red dress that accentuated her baby bump but when
Bachelor Star Shayne Lamas Seeks Agent for Her Unborn Child
"Bachelor" winner Shayne Lamas and her husband Nik Richie who are pregnant with their first child have taken the controversial step of securing an agents contract for their unborn baby. As reported by TMZ the couple is in talks with
Salma Hayek’s and Linda Evangelista’s Kids Have the Same Father
What would Hollywood be without its regular dose of sex scandals to keep our eyebrows raised. This time it’s Salma Hayek, her husband François-Henri Pinault and Linda Evangelista who are caught up in the scandal. It turns out that Evangelista
Kim Kardashian X-Rays Her Butt to Prove it’s Real
In the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians the popular debate of Kim Kardashians bottom came up. Kim Kardashian has finally had enough of the tabloid speculation and false stories claiming that her famous butt isn’t real and