Voice Behind Sesame Street’s Elmo Quits Following Sexual Abuse Allegations

Voice Behind Sesame Street’s Elmo Quits Following Sexual Abuse AllegationsThe voice behind Elmo of “Sesame Street”, Kevin Clash, has resigned from the show on Tuesday. This is in the height of issues of him abusing underage boys sexually. His resignation marks the end of his 28-year career as the voice of one of the well-loved characters on the hit TV show.

He issued a statement stating the reason of his departure was because his attention has been diverted towards personal matters instead of his work on “Sesame Street”. The statement included an apology for having to leave the show and that he looked forward to resolving the issues, but he would rather deal with it privately.

All issues started with a complaint from a 24-year old college student named Cecil Singleton. Singleton is accusing Clash with engaging in sexual behavior while Singleton was still 15. The lawsuit he filed is currently worth more than $5 million. Prior to the lawsuit, a 20-year old man said that he engaged in sexual intercourse with Clash at the age of 16, but the man later recanted saying that their relationship was with his consent.

Sesame Workshop, the company behind the TV show, has issued a statement saying how sad they were of Clash’s departure. Clash had been with the show since mid-80s when he was assigned to Elmo. He was instrumental in making Elmo a star along with its characteristic high-pitched voice and a personality any child can relate to.


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