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Taylor Swift ‘Mean’ Music Video
Taylor Swift is all set to target the bullies and critics of her music with the release of her new song “Mean”. The country pop star has tried hitting new marks for a change instead of targeting the guys who
Vanilla Ice Performing on British National Television Awards
httpv:// The British tween X Factor duo, Jedward, performed a mash up of Queen's "Under Pressure" and Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" on the National Television Awards. They were later joined on stage by none other than the rapper Vanilla Ice himself! Let's
Money for Winehouse Crack Video Goes to Charity
A couple who were paid £50,000 for a video that appeared to show the singer  Amy Winehouse taking drugs have been ordered by the court  to donate the money to charity, says Sky News. The footage, which allegedly showed the 'Valerie'
Britain’s Got Talent Ends: Diversity Wins
Britain's Got Talent 2009 finished last night, and the winner? Diversity. Susan Boyle, the Scottish overnight singing sensation pictured on the left, came second, looking almost relieved when she got the news. She said to Diversity on stage: The best people
Norway wins Eurovision Song Contest 2009 (Video)
httpv:// 23-year-old Alexander Rybak's won this year's Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Moscow, Russia. Rybak scored a whopping 387 points with his song "Fairytale" (Check it out above!), beating Iceland with 218 points and Azerbaijan with 207 points. It was the