V Remake May Cast Original Stars

Okay so COLOR US IMPRESSED The producers of the V remake are actually contemplating.. GASP.. using some middle ages folks from the original series when they cast.

Scott Peters, an executive producer said that  Jane Badler, who played wicked alien Diana on the first series, may return to the update.

He told Sci-Fi Wire: “Jane Badler has approached our producers and has been in touch here and there.”

The show’s creators are also thinking about giving parts to both Marc Singer and Faye Grant, who led the resistance against the Visitors in the original.

With so many shows cutting out actors over fifty it kind of makes you want to applaud the decision.

Peters  added: “I haven’t had a chance to actually sit down or talk to anybody face-to-face, but I would love to. I don’t want somebody to just walk by in the background and then feature them for a second. I want to find a really interesting role for somebody.”


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