Tyga insists he is not a squatter, purchased a new $6.5-million mansion

Tyga insists he is not a squatter, purchased a new $6.5-million mansionTyga contends. He is not some broke squatter who is trying to refuse paying his rent on a crib in Maibu. Truth is, the rapper claims that he just purchased a $6.5-million mansion 20 miles away.

Gholamreza Rezai, a Malibu landlord sued Tyga, stating that the rap superstar continues to live in the home after he stopped paying his $16,000 monthly rent.

However, Tyga’s rep tells our source that the lawsuit is a hundred percent false. Tyga even gave a 30 days notice to the landlord before he left the house.

Tyga also states that he is definitely not living in the mansion he used to rent because he is shacked up at a brand new 9,279-square-foot mansion he bought in Calabasas.

The rep also says the landlord is being unreasonable and he wants to keep Tyga locked in the lease because he can’t find anyone to cover the hefty rent in such a crappy economy.

As for Tyga’s newly purchased home, sources have told us that it is really massive and features 7 bedrooms, 8 baths, a movie theater, pool spa, waterfall, tennis courts, gym. Everything you’ll be envious of.


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