Top Earning Dead Celebrity is Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is said to still be rolling in the dough, even after death.

According to Forbes Magazine, the top earning celebrity, that is also deceased is Michael Jackson. Even though he is gone, but not forgotten, he still continues to make a killing when it comes to his finances.

Since he has passed, Michael Jackson has earned over $140 million in revenue. That is impressive for someone that is not making, selling or providing anything new for his fans but they continue to purchase the items that have been out since he has passed, and continue to be sold in stores.

The Legend Lives On 

As the story goes, the legend is going to live on when it comes to being able to continue to purchase Michael Jackson items. You will still be able to purchase his albums, posters, clothing and additional items – because no one is ready to take them off the shelves but the numbers that are coming in for his revenue are impressive, given the fact that he is deceased.

When it comes to being alive, that is something that is overrated according to the numbers that Michael Jackson is now bringing in. We knew he was a top earner when he was alive, but these numbers do not compare to some of the other deceased celebrities out there that have gained cash after their death, and his numbers are definitely up there and continue to rise with the years.

One of the biggest things that the fans enjoyed about Michael was his appearance on the Billboard Music Awards in hologram form, to put on a live performance. This was something that so many people needed, waiting and wanted to see when it came to bringing this rising star back from the dead and put him back up on the stage again – so many people were in awe.

As for now, Michael Jackson is holding the top spot, but we will see if he is able to hold it as so many other celebrities out there have lost their lives. Forbes seems confident that he is going to continue to hold his place in this spot, but as for so many other people, who knows what the future is going to hold.


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