Teen Mom Star: Released

Amber PortwoodAmber Portwood from the MTV show “Teen Mom” has been in jail for over two months for drug possession, but today was her time to get released from jail. However, it is not seen a good thing all the way.

The reason the Indiana judge chose to release Amber today was due to the fact that the halfway house she was supposed to stay at refused to accept her into the drug treatment program. The name of the home was “Sister 2 Sister Ministries” and they felt that Amber Portwood was just too much to deal with and she had too much negative energy to even gain anything from the program in the first place.

The sad part of this story is the judge is releases her because no one else are willing to accept her either. So, since she is not welcomed basically anywhere she gets to go home with an electronic monitoring bracelet.

Amber may have at first felt like this was not such a bad thing. However, the judge even added that she still has to apply for other homes – he knows the process could take months. Also, she will have to wear her bracelet until she is accepted into a drug treatment program.


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