Sienna Miller Dismisses Brad Pitt Rumours

For the past couple of months, everyone has been buzzing about the new hot couple Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller, called “Brienna”.

Reportedly, the Hollywood megastar, 53, and the British actress, 35, have grown very close together and are determined to keep their romance under wraps.

Sienna decided to stop the media frenzy and dismissed any relationship with Brad Pitt saying she is in a very happy relationship with Bennett Miller.

‘So this is the truth about that, Brad Pitt is producing the movie that I just wrapped but I didn’t see him, he’s not been to the set. You know he’s the producer of the film and I’ve met him twice – it’s insane.’

The rumours started after a diner date in spring

The rumours started in April as Sienna’s new movie The Lost City of Oz hit the screens and both attended the premieres.

Sienna played Nina Fawcett, a leading female role made by Brad’s production company Plan B. They were seen flirting at an after-premiere dinner. At the time Sienna described these allegations as silly and vehemently denied the reports.

She told The New York Post: ‘I’m not going to even dignify it with a response. It’s predictable and silly’.

Sources say the pair seemed intimate at Somerset music festival

The rumours started again this weekend as the couple was supposedly spotted, this time holding hands at VIP Winnebago at Glastonbury music festival. Onlookers claimed they looked ‘very intimate’. The source revealed to The Sun that they are determined to stay under the grid while exploring summer romance.

‘It’s early days, but they are very into each other and enjoying a carefree, casual summer romance. They’re both absolutely determined to keep everything under wraps. Their goal is to explore things without any massive publicity. It could all fizzle out, so they’re waiting to see.’

They were in a larger company so there were a lot of conversation and the observers could have easily been mistaken.

‘Sienna’s finding it all very funny with friends texting her about being dubbed Brienna. She’s happily with Bennett and has no idea where these rumours keep coming from.’ Her very close friend said.

‘They’re just not true. Brad’s a great friend but nothing more. They were hanging out at the Rabbit Hole at Glastonbury but they were with a big group.’

Brad Pitt is currently single after his divorce with Angelina Jolie finalised in January.

Brad and Angelina have 6 children together from their 11-year relationship but Jolie filed for divorce out of the blue in September 2016 due to irreconcilable differences.

Sienna Miller ended her engagement to actor Tom Sturridge, father of her 4-year-old daughter, and is currently dating Bennett Miller, Foxcatcher director.


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