Self-Pleasure Flick from Octomom Is Coming Soon

Self-Pleasure Flick from Octomom Is Coming SoonOctomom has filed for bankruptcy and now she is upgrading from taking provocative pictures to actually doing a movie that we are sure her children would not want to see when they get older. Today’s juiciest gossip is the talk about this masturbation flick that Octomom will be releasing soon.

Talk about things that we would never do turning into things we will do. For those of you who remember Octomom was the mother who said she would never do porn no matter what.

So, what is this video talk all about then?

Octomom now has stated that since she is doing a solo video it is not porn. Um okay. Anyways, she is obviously getting paid a lot to do this solo film that involves her touching herself yet is not porn because the price she is getting paid has not been revealed but it has been said that she is getting paid a lot more than she was paid for posing topless. For those of you who recall she was paid $10,000 strictly to do that.

Well, anyways, the video is expected to be shot in the summer via some online adult entertainment company that she ran across while browsing the web.


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