Russell Brand Helps Out Homeless Man Pick Up Some Trash

Russell Brand Helps Out Homeless Man Pick Up Some TrashRussell Brand turns from celebrity into a one-time trash-picking machine. A passerby caught Brand picking up a homeless man’s trash after his SUV crashed into the man’s shopping cart full of garbage. The video then was sent to TMZ and was posted across the Internet. We really got to give Russell credit for putting things back where they belong.

The incident happened while Brand was roaming the streets of Hollywood at 9 A.M. on Wednesday. He accidentally smashed his black Range Rover into the homeless man’s shopping cart strewing its contents on the ground. He quickly jumped right out of his car and helped the man pick the stuff up on the ground and put it back in the cart. Other drivers who saw what happened also helped them tidy up the street.

Luckily, no one was hurt during the incident. The homeless man just went back to his business after all the contents were placed back inside his cart. The incident only took a few minutes to clean-up and Brand gave the man a pat on the back before jumping back into his car. Everyone moved on, as if nothing had happened.

Brand always had a soft spot for the homeless. This was not his first encounter with them. Last September, he took several homeless people to breakfast and on another occasion, he let a homeless man use his bath at home.


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