Robin Williams – The Movies We Will Always Remember

Robin Williams was able to give us a laugh, a cry and many good movies to watch. He will be missed.

Robin Williams passed away August 11, 2014 and he is a man that we will always remember. The news of his death took the world by storm but he left behind a collection that you will never forget. Here are some of the movies that we will always remember, keep in your hearts and be able to show your friends, family and even kids so that Robin Williams is able to live on in all of us.

  • Aladdin – This is a childhood favorite for so many of us, not only is he the genie but he makes the genie who is he. If you were a child growing up with Aladdin then you probably will always remember this movie, Robin Williams and the magic that happens.
  • Patch Adams – This is not only a heart squeezing, tear dripping movie but it portrays an important message. Robin Williams was the perfect person to play this role and he did so flawlessly. Each second you watch the movie, you root for him, you tell him hes doing great and you want the best for him throughout the entire two hours.
  • Jumanji – This movie was imaginitive, fun to watch and sometimes scary. Robin Williams was always on the look out for those kids and happy to be back home finally, after so many years. He made a difference on the screen with this movie.
  • Hook – Peter Pan in Neverland is always something that every kid dreams of. No rules, no parents, fighting and fun all year long? Why not? He showed everyone what is meant to be a kid, but also to realize that everything is not all about fun and games.
  • Good Will Hunting – This is a serious movie, that made you feel for everyone involved. Many of us like to think that Robin Williams was showing a lot of his true self when he was helping Matt Damon out and with each heartfelt moment, we got much closer to him.
  • Mrs. Doubtfire – Funny and exciting, this movie brought a lot of dads laughs. Would you go this far to be with your kids? He put on a good show and made sure that everyone had a good time.
  • What Dreams May Come – This movie says a lot with just the title. Put Robin Williams, the caring father and husband in the picture and you have yourself a great movie. Although the movie does tend to make people cry, the creativity behind it all surprises you, never the less.
  • The World According to Garp – Garp has the whole world ahead of him and is still learning along the way. He tells of tales, shows courage and takes on a whole new meaning of life once he learns the secrets. This movie is funny, moving and tells of things you wouldn’t otherwise know.

Robin Williams was a huge part of life for many people and he will be missed greatly by all.


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