Roberts Starts Medical Leave From Good Morning America

Roberts Starts Medical Leave From Good Morning America

Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America” announced that Friday will be her last day on the show as she will begin her medical leave. She has recently been diagnosed with a rare blood and bone marrow disease, myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). “GMA’s” host said on Monday that she will be checking into the hospital next Tuesday.

Roberts said that the process would start around 10 days after her admission to the hospital because there are certain preparations needed before the transplant can actually begin.

“GMA” plans to celebrate the whole week to Roberts’ honor in a series called “Robin’s Journey”. They also announced on their Twitter account Roberts’ last day on the show before she undergoes bone marrow transplant and her treatment for MDS.

The “GMA” host expresses her sadness about being far from her dog KJ while she would be in treatment. KJ has been with her for almost 15 years and has recently been moved to Maine since Roberts will need to be in isolation following her treatment.

Having won the battle against breast cancer in the past, Roberts vowed that she will overcome MDS. This was in June, after she publicly announced that she had MDS. She then added in her interview back in June that she has been keeping the diagnosis for a while and has continued to anchor the morning show, which airs on ABC. Roberts then said that she drew strength and was motivated to face the challenge because of her faith, family, friends and the people from ABC News.


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