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Rodney King: Friends Do Not Believe His Death Story
Two of Rodney King’s close friends said that they feel as though his finance is telling a lie when it comes to the events that took place before his death. They are so sure that she is lying that they
Junior Seau’s Brain Will Be Donated
The family’s rep has announced that the family of Junior Seau has agreed to donate his brain so it can be studied for concussion research. Shawn Mitchell – the San Diego Chargers team has also revealed that the family
NFL Legend: Junior Seau Dead
Several teams in the NFL are in mourning over the death of Junior Seau. Seau played for San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots. While the situation surrounding the NFL legends death is unclear however suicide is
Whitney Houston’s Official Death Has Been Determined
The L.A. County Coroner has revealed that when Whitney Houston died she did indeed have cocaine in her system. The L.A. County Corner also changed her official cause of death to an accidental drowning. However, they have also
Whitney Houston’s Cause of Death Still A Mystery
Fans, family and friends of Whitney Houston have wanted to know what her official cause of death is but the official death certificate is stating that the cause of her death is undetermined. Currently, the manner of death reads, “pending