Rebel Wilson Admits Weight Loss Transformed Her Life

Rebel Wilson has explained how her life changed drastically since she lost weight.

Feeling Healthier

In a recent interview with Australia’s The Daily Telegraph, the Isn’t It Romantic actress, set the record straight about her weight loss.

She has admitted to feeling much better about life since her 77-pound weight loss.

The 41-year-old actress shared: 

“It’s changed dramatically. It was better if I was healthier and I wanted to be healthier anyway. I struggled a lot with emotional eating.”

The actress has even impressed her doctors with her weight-loss efforts, revealing how it’s benefited her health more broadly.

“Last year I did a huge transformation and lost about 35 kilos.

“It’s been good. I went to my doctors and got an early check-up and he’s like, ‘Oh my god, all your labs and blood work is the best it’s ever been. It’s kind of remarkable.'”

Rebel feels “proud” of her weight-loss efforts.

More In Touch With Herself

The ‘Pitch Perfect’ star revealed that it’s taken a lot of hard work to achieve the results she desired.

She said: 

“I’m proud of myself for improving my life for the better. It was hard work.

“After a big, long day of work, we would often shoot like 16-hour days and my feet would get really sore. I would have to kind of lay upside down and put my feet on the couch after a big day at work, and now I don’t have that kind of thing happening.

“I used to suffer a lot from jet lag, but now it’s much easier to deal with.”

Meanwhile, Rebel previously revealed that losing weight has helped her to get in touch with her “inner siren”.

She said: “I grew up not really trading on my looks – I was the personality girl. But after going through my whole health transformation last year, I’ve been in touch with this ‘inner siren’.”


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