NFL Legend: Junior Seau Dead

NFL Legend: Junior Seau DeadSeveral teams in the NFL are in mourning over the death of Junior Seau. Seau played for San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots. While the situation surrounding the NFL legends death is unclear however suicide is speculated. The main reasons that this is authorities suspicion is because of a gunshot wound to the chest, the gun in the room and a letter left behind reportedly written by Seau.

Seau was discovered in his home, in the bedroom by his girlfriend. Seau was 43 and leaves behind four kids. He last seen his children three weeks ago and yesterday sent messages to them and his ex-wife that said he loved them. Statements say that everything seemed normal and Seau did not show signs of depression.

The death of Junior Seau is causing a lot of grief among not only his family but his fans as well. This morning the NFL star was found dead in his home and investigators have revealed that a revolver was found at the scene. So, far they think that this may be the gun that he was shot in the chest with, yet at this time they are uncertain who the owner of the gun is.

Other NFL stars have committed suicide and a connection has been made between the brutal contact causing concussions and mental alterations leading to suicide/attempts.

The last time Seau was seen alive was this morning around 7:45 when Gina left for the gym and when she returned she found him bleeding from his chest and she called 911 promptly. Based on the position of the wound his death is currently being ruled as a possible suicide because it appears that the gunshot wound was actually self-inflicted.

The reports show the 911 call came in at 10 am this morning and when the police arrived at the scene they found an unconscious Seau inside the bedroom. The paramedics tried to revive him but all of their efforts were unsuccessful and he was immediately pronounced as dead while still at the scene. The NFL players was 43 years old and he had an ex-wife and also four children.

The community is pouring out for the family and the memory of an NFL ‘beast’, a legend, a father and a friend.

In 2010, Seau was involved in a car accident when his car went off a cliff. Seau said that it was not a suicide attempt. This happened shortly after he was accused of harassing his girlfriend.


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