Murphy Foundation Opens, Then Closes, Then Opens, Courtesy of TMZ.

The Brittany Murphy Foundation has announced that it is returning all of its donations until it gets true non-profit status. As many other non-profits do, they began their operations without the documentation needed to be a legal non-profit and after the TMZ “bust” in which TMZ took it upon themselves to report on something not all that uncommon and call it news the Brittany Murphy Foundation closed the website.

“TMZ has discovered, however, the foundation is not registered as a charity with the IRS or the state of California, as required by law.(did someone tell them that they had a certain amount of time to do that??)

The state Attorney General’s office also has no record of the organization as a nonprofit group — and the IRS says the foundation has not filed for a non-profit license. ”

It was back just a few hours later however and offered the following explanation…
“We began the Brittany Murphy Foundation to honour Brittany’s wishes and to give her family, friends and fans a way of keeping her legacy alive. In an effort to get the foundation off the ground quickly, we established it as a private foundation with plans to apply for non-profit status down the road.”

It continued: “However, after some thought, we have decided instead to wait until we have our non-profit status approved before proceeding to ensure that we can truly honour Brittany’s charitable desires. Any donations made up until this point will be returned until we have all our paperwork solidified.”

So we’ve gotta wonder what the deal was with closing the website and why TMZ made such a fuss over something fairly common, and why it forced them to close down… and where it’s all going to lead.. and what difference it makes to anyone anyway…and what the HECK is an IRS non profit license? (someone should tell them there’s no such animal…


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