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Producers of “The Hobbit” Accused Of Causing 27 Animal Deaths
Producers of the movie “The Hobbit” are now facing accusations that 27 animals have died during the production of the movie due to mistreatment. This was according to the handlers of the animals they used in the movie. The producers
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart On Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere
People have been talking about how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would act around each other during the promotion of the new Twilight Saga movie after their breakup. But the pair has been reunited days before the premiere of their
Matthew McConaughey’s Massive Weight Loss
Some actors put their lives on the line sometimes for their jobs. Actor Matthew McConaughey, who usually looks buff and handsome especially after the movie “Magic Mike”, looks alarmingly thin these days. But there’s no need to panic at all
Javier Bardem Gets His Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
This must be a great year for Spanish actor and Oscar winner Javier Bardem because not only was he part of a top-grossing Bond movie, but he has also received his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame this year. He
Harrison Ford Keeps Open Doors For New Star Wars Film
It may have been years since Harrison Ford had become part of the original Star Wars franchise, but he’s still open to reprise his role as Hans Solo on the planned “Star Wars Episode 7”. Ford, 70, is said to