Mother’s Day Poll: Jennifer Garner is the best celebrity mom, Courtney Love is the worst

Jennifer Garner and her child recently conducted a poll about celebrity mothers to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday. More than 10.000 mothers participated in the online poll, which showed that talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and actress Portia de Rossi is the couple moms would feel most comfortable leaving their kids with.

Actress Jennifer Garner was picked as the best celebrity mom, while Courtney Love and Dina Lohan topped The Worst Celebrity Mom list. 

Here are some of the questions and results from the poll:

Which celebrity would you most feel comfortable leaving your kids with?
Ellen and Portia 31%
Jennifer Aniston 22%
Rachel Ray 20%
Angelina and Brad 18%
Oprah Winfrey 9%

Which star is the best mom?
Jennifer Garner 37%
Reese Witherspoon 26%
Michelle Obama 26%
Gwen Stefani 6%
Angelina Jolie 4%

Who is the worst celebrity mom?
Courtney Love 32%
Dina Lohan 32%
Britney Spears 27%
Sarah Palin 6%
Kate Moss 3%

You can check out more results from the poll here!


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