Mo’Nique Sues Landlord Because Her House Smells Like A Dog!

Mo’Nique Sues Landlord Because Her House Smells Like A Dog!Mo’Nique is a celebrity that has been around for quite some time yet many people remember her because of the award winning movie “Precious”. Currently, she is making headlines again because she is taking out a lawsuit against her landlord in Georgia. Mo’Nique no longer wants to pay $22,000 for rent due to the fact that the house reeks of dog feces.

Mo’Nique has already filed the papers in Fulton County due to the fact that her landlord was trying to sue her because they failed that she bailed on her two year lease that was recently signed in March. The landlord feels that the actress needs to pay $370,000 for unpaid rent.

Mo’Nique feels as though the landlord is full of it. She says she feels that she has more than enough rights to get out of the lease due to the fact that her home smells like dog and the septic tank is overflowing. Not to mention the fact that the security gate is in shambles and there are mold problems as well.

Mo’Nique says that she has tried to talk to the landlords but they were not cooperating obviously. However, currently we still do not know if Mo resides there or what.


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