Mike Rowe Feels the Lawsuit Against him Is A Joke

Mike Rowe Feels the Lawsuit Against him Is A JokeMike Rowe is being sued by Mike Rowe. Mike Rowe is a prisoner in one of the South Dakota locations who claims that he is harassed on daily basics due to the fact that a celebrity who is not for the same things as him has his same name.

The celebrity Mike Rowe, who’s best known from the Discovery Channel series ‘Dirty Jobs’, has told the media that he is serious about the charges but first he is going to have to take up a lawsuit against his mother and father since they were the ones who gave him his name. His mom is responsible for the Mike portion while his dad is responsible for the Rowe.

Mike Rowe the celebrity also adds in that he feels sorry for the inmate who has the same name as him. However, the only advice he can give him at this present time is to stay away from the Levi’s because they are known for making the butt look good.

Seems like Mike Rowe the inmate can cancel his get rich quick scheme. Maybe while he is in jail he can think of another one which may work out better than this one did.


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