Mariah Is After Justin Bieber Again

Mariah Is After Justin Bieber AgainDespite all of the incriminating evidence in the text messages in Mariah’s friend’s phone she is still saying she wants to proceed in having the DNA test done. Justin has already said that he is willing to take the DNA test but after this is all over there is going to be a big lawsuit against not only Mariah but her lawyers as well.

Now Mariah’s representative has shared some interesting news with the media. They say that they are processing with the DNA testing of the baby but they feel Justin needs to retake his due to the fact that none of Mariah’s legal team was present when it took place. They are hinting the Justin has been up to some foul play. So, they want him to retake in front of one of Yeater’s team members to insure that no “Monkey Business” has taken place.

Also, they revealed that Justin’s lawyer lied when he said he had not been in contact with anyone affiliated with Yeater yet the representative claims that they have been in contact both Monday and Tuesday. Justin’s lawyer has not revealed whether or not Justin will be redoing the DNA test or not.


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