Linsay Lohan Bails

Lindsay LohanYesterday, we reported that Lohan was taken into custody during her probation violation.

The judge threw the book at her, sending her to jail until her October 22nd hearing. He didn’t even give her attorneys a chance to argue.

In my opinion, good for him. Perhaps what Lohan needs is a bit of tough love and not enabling. She seems to get away with things that the regular person doesn’t and seems to relish in it. She also is a threat to herself.

Putting her behind bars would have kept her away from drugs. Lohan was out of jail for more then 3 weeks before she was busted for two failed drug tests. Well, although the judge may have had good intentions, they weren’t legal ones.

According to California law, a person can’t be denied jail if their underlying offense is a misdemeanor and Lohan’s original offense was. Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman, file an appeal and won. Lohan has since posted bail and has been released.

She must wear a SCRAM bracelet and is subject to searches by the police at their choosing. Well, let’s hope that Lohan gets her stuff together and doesn’t harm herself whiles she’s out of the slammer.


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