Lindsay Lohan Picks Jay Leno Over Barbara Walters

Lindsay Lohan Picks Jay Leno Over Barbara WaltersBarbara Walters had invited Lindsay Lohan for an interview on her long running TV show, but the actress canceled on her. The worst part was, Lohan agreed to an appearance on Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show” for next week, which surprised Walters.

Reports say that it was Lohan’s new PR team who canceled her interview with Walter’s “Deadline”. They were said to be unhappy with the piece. On that same day, NBC released listings for “The Tonight Show”, which included Lohan’s appearance on November 20.

Walters was set to have the interview and a visit to the set of Lifetime’s TV movie “Liz & Dick”. She wished she was let down easier. The prominent media personality said if only they have been straightforward with her, maybe she would not be as disappointed. On Monday’s episode of “The View”, Walters wished Lohan the best with a regretful statement, “We would have done a wonderful interview.”

Footage from their summer visit on the Lifetime production was rolled out on Monday over “The View”. One clip was taken of Lohan, dressed as Elizabeth Taylor, addressing the incident where the paramedics were called to her room while the actress was sleeping. This was in defense of the reports that she was found in her hotel room unconscious back in June. The actress was also able to tweet about what had happened that day.


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