Lindsay Lohan Only Spends 4 ½ Hours In Jail

Lindsay Lohan Only Spends 4 ½ Hours In JailIt looks like what the media thought would happen panned out. Lindsay Lohan was released from jail at 1:30 am this morning. She only spent approximately 4 ½ hours in jail. She checked herself in around 8:45 am last night and she is out already.

This just shows that celebrities do get their dreams. Recently, we reported that Lindsay hoped to get 2 weeks in jail for violating her probation yet instead the judge granted her 30 days to serve. However, the only reason she was out so quick was due to overcrowding but the sheriff had already forewarned about that. But, we still don’t understand the sheriff making the public announcement about it being room in the jail when it was not. Maybe he and Lindsay had planned this out or something?

This is definitely good news for Lindsay because now she can carry on with her other plans such as the whole “Playboy” contract. Who knows since she was saved this time from a horrible jail stay maybe she will even go down to Florida and try to talk some sense into her father. This is just another day in the lives of the rich and famous.


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