Lindsay Lohan Needs A New Assistant!

Lindsay Lohan Needs A New Assistant!Lindsay Lohan is need of a new assistant…STAT! It looks like her most recent assistant, Elinore, has called it quits. Elinore has thrown in the towel, citing exhaustion as the reason, along with having to deal with a very demanding Lohan.

According to TMZ, Elinore was not given enough time to herself. Instead, she was forced to tag alongside Lindsay for days at a time. She would then get blamed when things didn’t go her way, which lately has been quite a bit. Supposedly on top of the ongoing demands and crazy schedule, the gig didn’t exactly pay well.

Prospective assistants, beware, this may not exactly be your dream job, low pay and horrible conditions. It may be times to set your sights a bit higher. It might be better to work with, dare I say it….Naomi Cambell, at least she’s firmly on the A-list!


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