Lindsay Lohan Gets The Book Thrown At Her

Lindsay LohanThe judge ruling in Lindsay Lohan’s probation violation threw the book at her. The prosecutor in the case was asking that Lohan be thrown behind bars for 30 days. The judge gave her 90 days jail time and an additional 90 days in an inpatient drug facility.

The latter part of the judgement was not only applauded by Michael Lohan but was requested by him in a letter to the court. In it, he asked that the judge forgo sending his daughter to jail but instead send her to rehab. He got one of his wishes.

After the judgement was handed down, Dina, Lindsay’s mom was as in denial as ever, stating that she couldn’t believe the “judge did this to my daughter.” The judge did this, oh my gosh give me a break. Dina allowing Lindsay to blame everyone else for her problems is why her life is spiraling out of control and her career in the tank.

Lindsay needs this, jail time and rehab. It may be just the thing to save her life. Perhaps the judge gave her so much time (90 days,) besides the fact that she has treated the legal system like a joke, but because she knows that Lohan will only do a fraction of her time because of overcrowding. By giving her a longer sentence, Lindsay is likely to at least spend the night, but who knows, she’s a celeb and the rules always seem to be different.


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