Lindsay Lohan Banned from Famous Hotel on Sunset Blvd.

Lindsay Lohan Banned From Famous Hotel On Sunset Blvd.After clearing her name in an alleged jewelry heist, Lindsay Lohan is making news again. This time she’s being banned from a famous historic hotel in West Hollywood, Chateau Marmont. This happened just one day after the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office cleared her name from the heist on Tuesday.

Lohan allegedly failed to pay her hotel bills that have totaled to $46,350.04. The letter sent by the General Manager of the hotel stating that she was banned from the hotel and the itemized bill was released on TMZ. Reports say that Lohan was “horrified” over the leak of the outrageous bill on the Internet.

Chateau Marmont management issued a statement regarding the leak. In their statement, they said that their guests’ privacy was of great importance to them and that after their investigation, the letter and bill was in fact leaked by a member of Lohan’s posse . They have expressed their disappointment in the incident, adding that they have treated and will continue to treat the issue as a private matter.

Lohan was reportedly under the impression that producers of her upcoming TV movie, “Liz &Dick”, were to cover for all the cost that she’s incurred during her stay in the hotel, while filming the movie. But if her producers refused to pay, LiLo will have to write the check herself.

According to the bill that leaked on TMZ, Lohan had incurred $3,145.07 in minibar charges for her 47-day stay at the hotel, $686 on cigarettes, $100 on a Chateau candle, and charges from their restaurant and room service that went as high as $1,992.07 a day.

She is ordered to leave the hotel by 12 p.m. of August 1.


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