Lil Wayne and Drake: We Are Not Paying Anything!

Lil Wayne and Drake: We Are Not Paying Anything!Lil Wayne and Drake are both stating that they will not be paying a $400,000 judgment to the company who is trying to sue them for not showing up to a club appearance. But, are them are standing their ground claiming that they never knew anything about the gig so how can they be expected to pay for something that they knew nothing about?

Both, Wayne and Drake have joined together to fight the default judgment that is pending against them. The judge has ordered them to pay the money to Imperial Entertainment Group for not showing up to an event that was set to take place back in 2011. However, Wayne and Drake are filing new documents saying that they never signed any contracts and they never even were served the papers to go to court about the case.

If there story turns out to be true it looks like they will be able to keep their money and probably avoid even thinking about dealing with the company in the future. The company that supposedly booked them – Melanzh Enterprises – is said to have had no authority to book them so it seems as though things are about to turn into a big mess.


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