Lil Boosie Has Become a Drug Addict

Lil Boosie Has Become a Drug AddictLil Boosie is actually happy about going to jail this time. He feels as though jail is the best place for him to be right now due to the fact that he finally understands that he actually has a drug addiction to codeine and a slew of other drugs.

Boosie has just been sentenced to 8 years in prison for attempting to smuggle drugs into prison on more than one occasion. However, Boosie pled guilty and did not try to deny the charges one bit. But, Boosie says when it comes to the murder charge that is pending against him he is going to fight that until the very end.

Boosie has at least taken the responsibility to recognize that he has a really bad drug addiction. So, maybe this time away from the society will allow him to clean things up. Also, while he’s in there we are almost sure that he will work on some new music for his fans. We really wish him the best with his recovery because the pictures that have been snapped of him lately lead us to believe that what he is saying about his drug addiction is something that is very true.


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