Keira Knightley And James Righton Are Getting Married This Saturday!

keira-knightleyActress Keira Knightley is set to marry her fiancé James Righton this weekend just a few weeks after admitting she was not the wedding type.

Knightley, 28, and Righton, 29, only got engaged last year, but according to The Daily Mirror this morning it is all systems go for a wedding in France this coming Saturday. A source told the newspaper the following about the couples forthcoming nuptials. “It’s all been a massively covert operation. Her friends and family were only told recently about the ceremony.”

The source went on to add, “They’ve all been told not to travel in big groups, to arrive separately and to all spread out where they’re staying so as not to draw attention to the wedding party.”

Well that cover has been blown now, because the paparazzi will be on full alert over the next few days hoping to catch glimpses of the happy couple and their families. The news will have come as a bit of a shock to some as Knightley revealed last month that she and James were just enjoying their engagement. She said, “We’re not big wedding types. I don’t need to have all that. I’m just trying to enjoy the engagement bit.”

It will be interesting to see who is on the guest list, but one name that will not be is that of Rupert Friend whom Knightley dated for five years before the couple split in 2011. One thing is for certain though you can guarantee it will be a big wedding and there will be lots of glitz and glamour as there always is at a celebrity wedding.


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