Kardashian Sisters Receive Keys To The City of North Miami

Kardashian Sisters Receive Keys To The City of North MiamiThe Kardashians are on a roll and they’re taking on Miami. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have just received ceremonial keys to North Miami on Monday. This is the highest form of honor given to individuals, whom the city finds very invaluable.

North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre has awarded the sisters with ceremonial gold keys to the city in a ceremony that started an hour later than what has been planned. This key means that they can already come to the city whenever they pleased. The mayor introduced the sisters during the ceremony. Khloe was not able to attend since she was in L.A. shooting an episode of “X-Factor”

Kim and Kourtney are set to film their latest season of Kim and Kourtney Take Miami. They are renting out a mansion with a good view of the ocean. Reports say, Miami Beach residents have forced the sisters to move to North Miami after they have protested against the sisters’ presence in the area. This move has proved to be an advantage for the town because of more potential revenues and tourist interest.

While on the way to the ceremonies, Kim tweeted, “Going to get they key to the city!!!! Such an honor! Thanks North Miami!”

The Kardashian sisters share the same honor as Wyclef Jean and Adam Irigoven, who were also awarded with the same ceremonial keys.


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