Junior Seau’s Brain Will Be Donated

Junior Seau's Brain Will Be DonatedThe family’s rep has announced that the family of Junior Seau has agreed to donate his brain so it can be studied for concussion research. Shawn Mitchell – the San Diego Chargers team has also revealed that the family was almost ready to go along with this from the moment they were asked however they decided it would not be wise to make any rash decisions while they were still caught up in their emotion. However, now that they are feeling better about the whole situation they feel as though this is the next best thing that they could possibly do. Also, it is something that helps them move on as well.

Currently, they have not come to a decision as to which center they will donate Junior Seau’s brain to but it has been released that they are really considering either the Sports Legacy Institute at Boston University and also the Brain Injury Research Institute.

For those of you who are just hearing about the 43 year old NFL legend’s death it seems as though he committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest with a Revolver. This is another reason why the family made the decision that they did because they feel that since he left his brain intact he wanted researchers to be able to study it so they could learn about the long term effects of concussions that come because of playing in the NFL.


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