Jim Jones: Arrested Twice In Three Days

Jim Jones: Arrested Twice In Three DaysRapper Jim Jones is insisting that his driver’s license is not suspended. He states that the cops who pulled him over made an error because he knows for a fact that his license is not suspended. His rep has also relayed to sources that there is an error in the system and he believes what Jim Jones is stating. Also, they have now been able to find a solution to this whole misunderstanding.

How it went down.

Jim Jones was sitting in the passenger’s seat when he driver was inside of the store picking up some items yet had parked in front of the store. The police came up to the car and told him that the car needed to be moved so he jumped in the driver’s seat and proceeded to follow their instructions yet then they pulled him over and stated that he had a suspended license and took him into their custody. How wrong is that?

The rep is stating that the cops were respectful and level headed the whole time so this misunderstanding will simply just be thrown out of court. However, this is the second time in three days that Jim Jones has been arrested. Friday night he was arrested for a brawl.


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