Jay-Z Responds to Rumors That He’s Retired From Music

Jay-Z is clearing up some rumors that are circling about him, mostly about him being retired from music.

No New Music Plans

The 52-year-old rapper and dad of three sat down with Kevin Hart for his Hart to Heart series, and opened up about if he’ll have new music out soon.

Jay-Z told Kevin that his music plans are actually up in the air.

“I’m not actively making music or making an album or have plans to make an album,” he said, before adding that he “never wants to say I’m retired…:

Jay-Z added, “It’s a gift, and who am I to shut it off? It’s open to whatever. It may have a different form, a different interpretation. Maybe it’s not an album. Maybe it is. I have no idea, but I’m just gonna leave it open.”

Looking Back

He also looked back on the time that he declared he was retiring from music back in 2003.

“I was really burnt out that time. I was releasing an album every year — ’96, ’97, ’98. And then in between that, soundtracks, other people’s albums, Roc-A-Fella, touring back-to-back,” he recalled. “And you know, I just looked up one day and I was like, ‘I’m tired.’ I had never been on a vacation until, like, I want to say 2000. Like, my whole life. And I was just really burnt out at that moment.

Jay Z’s last album, 4:44, came out in June of 2017.


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