Jamie Foxx & Tyler Perry: Facing A Lawsuit

Jamie Foxx & Tyler Perry: Facing A LawsuitA prisoner has decided to sue both Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry for one million dollars each due to the fact that he feels that they have jacked his idea of a new comedy. The comedy is supposed to star Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry and Jamie Foxx. All of them will be dressed as women.

For those of you who do not know there is a project in the making by the name of “Skank Robbers” which is surrounded around a plot of two bank robbers who are women. The characters will be Sheneneh, Wanda and Madea.

Shamont Lyle Sapp – a prisoner in Oklahoma for 10 bank robberies – says that he is the one who gave Foxx and Perry the idea. However, they decided to cut him out of the action so now he feels that he has to file for a lawsuit. But, to us it seems bogus. Okay, it is clear that Shamont did have this idea for all of the characters to be featured in one film yet his version had something to do with a mental hospital. However, we see it as bogus because Foxx and Martin had come up with a sketch for “Shank Robbers” in 2009 a month before Sapp mentioned the idea to Perry.


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