Jagged Edge Does Not Perform “Let’s Get Married”

Jagged Edge Does Not Perform "Let's Get Married"Victor Diaz and his wife are huge Jagged Edge fans. His wife wanted Jagged Edge to sing “Let’s Get Married” at their wedding so Victor put down a deposit of at least $10k. However, Jagged Edge never showed up on their wedding date November 19th so Victor Diaz is now planning to sue them for humiliating him, messing up his wife’s dream wedding and dashing with his cash.

Jagged Edge says they were never informed about this gig and if he does sue he wishes Victor the best of luck because they knew nothing of this. However, they do say they are sorry about the way his wedding turned out but if this situation makes it in front of a judge it will be clear to see that Victor was tricked by a perpetrator.

Victor Diaz isn’t buying anything thing that the group or their reps are trying him. He feels they did not show up because they had someone else pay them more money to perform on the same day and they obviously went for the person with the most money. He plans to pursue with his lawsuit. We just have to wait and see how this turns out.


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