Is Paula Deen a Racist?

Is Paula Deen a Racist?It’s all over the news, Paula Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers will be in court for a lawsuit filed against them. Ex-employee, Lisa Jackson, has filed against Lady and Sons INC; which includes the seafood restaurant that Hiers and Deen co-own, claiming acts of sexual harassment occurred frequently. The other accusation of the lawsuit is that Deen and Hiers used racial slurs frequently and openly with the now ex-employee, who apparently had enough and quit. The ex-employee says her doctor urged her to quit for her health because she was experiencing panic attacks.

Is Paula Deen really a racist? Sure this could be the classic disgruntled employee scenario, but 33 pages of descriptive occurrences seems a bit to ‘dream up’. Naturally Paula Deen and her reps say that this is a false accusation. Could the perfect, pearly mouth of the national cooking sensation and entrepreneur really use explicit slurs?

Paula Deen finds herself in a tricky situation. Her restaurant that she co-owns with her brother Bubba was not doing so well before the accusations arose. Now what will become of the negatively rated, overpriced seafood joint? Will Paula find herself apologizing, denying or proving her love for equality in some media covered exposé? What about her cookware? Clearance shelves (maybe we’re just dreaming of affordable decent cookware)?

In the ago old battle of he said, she said we can only hope that anyone who suffers at the hand of someone else finds peace and justice. Oh and affordable cookware!


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