Is Kate Middleton Really Pregnant?

Is Kate Middleton Really Pregnant?Another round of speculations has occurred when photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge surfaced into the internet. The lovely couple went on a royal tour in Singapore and attended a state dinner. Photos have shown that the duchess was only holding a glass of water when she usually opts to drink wine. The New York Daily News has confirmed that while William chose Bordeaux, Catherine opted for water and turned down wine.

However, this did not happen in one event only. At a second event which was the British Gala Reception at Eden Hall, the duchess came in a beautiful printed Erdem dress while holding a wine glass filled with water. Yes, she might be not in the mood for a little bit of alcohol but it seems odd seeing her only with a glass of water when she used to normally drink and toast with champagne and wine.

One of our sources has stated that yes, Kate Middleton is pregnant, but the royal couple were intending to keep it private for as long as possible. That may actually take some time because she may be pregnant. Or not. Besides, all that she did was toast with water and all William did was to verbalise that he wants to have two kids.

It is a pregnancy that the whole world is looking forward to, but as for now, we will just see how it goes. Who knows we might be seeing a baby bump in a couple of months.


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