Is Amanda Bynes Crazy?

Is Amanda Bynes Crazy?Amanda Bynes has more serious issues than driving illegally and smoking pot. There’s proof that she is suffering from some serious psychological issues.

The 26 year old actress Amanda Bynes defended her self and was insistent in telling her close friends that she is not insane and she certainly does not smoke weed inside her car.

Friends of the actress have been trying to reach out lately because they really want to help her but she, in return, tells them to back off because “everything’s fine”.

The Sydney White actress verbalizes that the stories regarding her mental state “are being blown way out of proportion.”

There is also a photo that surfaced in the internet with her smoking from a drug pipe inside her car. She defends herself and tells her friends that the photo is not what it seems. She says she was only smoking tobacco although her cup holders had traces of what seemed to be marijuana.

There are also a lot of people who claimed to have seen Amanda’s weird behaviour lately. Stories they have shared were both consistent and disturbing. Some sources said she was talking to non-living things, conversing with herself in the gym and laughing hysterically for no known reason. They think she may be experiencing some critical psychological issues and are really concerned that her condition might deteriorate.

The actress is also facing one driving under influence charge and two hit and run charges plus her license is still suspended and her car got towed yesterday.


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  1. Norm Krell says:

    “Amanda is crazy adorable!!!”

  2. Norm Krell says:

    She was “crazy cute” in Hairspray!!