Homosexuality Propaganda Charges Against Madonna Dropped

Homosexuality Propaganda Charges Against Madonna Dropped Madonna can breathe now that a Russian court has dismissed a lawsuit against her. The singer is being sued for millions of dollars in damages for causing trauma to minors during one of her concerts. This was after she spoke of gay rights during her concert in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg has made the promotion of homosexuality to minors illegal starting February of this year. Madonna, being an advocate for gay rights, criticized the law and took it out on Facebook. She took these views with her during her concert in St. Petersburg where fans with age ranging from 12 and older.

On Thursday, a Trade Union of Russian Citizens’ lawsuit was filed against the singer at a St. Petersburg court seeking 333 million rubles, or about $10.7 million, in damages. This lawsuit alleged the singer of exposing minors to homosexuality.

The judge had given its ruling after a day of trial. During the trial, the plaintiffs have cited that her homosexuality propaganda would affect the population of Russia. According to reports, the Russians believed that this could deprive them of future soldiers. Journalists present in court were threatened by the judge if they could not contain their laughter.

At the end of the trial, the judge dismissed the case. Madonna was not present during the trial. Her publicist had also announced that she will not be commenting on the issue.


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