“Hiccup Girl” Gets Charged With Murder

Hiccup Girl Gets Charged With MurderNot too long ago, a young girl was covered by the major news outlets in connection to her chronic hiccupping.

She hiccupped for an entire 6 weeks without stop. Eventually, doctors were able to help her stop or they stopped on their own.

Whatever, the case, she’s back in the news and not for something as “cute” as having a hiccup problem.

This time, for something far worse, murder. The “Hiccup Girl,” along with two accomplices, is facing life in prison for murder.

Mee (AKA, the Hiccup Girl) reportedly lured in the victim where he was quickly ambushed by her accomplices, who attempted to rob the young man. A struggle ensued and the victim was shot and killed.

It looks like things have gone from bad (hiccups) to worse (murder) for the Hiccup Girl. That’s too bad. This is a tragic story that didn’t have to be.


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