Here’s What Lil Nas X Said About His Wardrobe Malfunction on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Lil Nas X is getting candid about his hilarious mishap on Saturday Night Live!

No Holding Back

The 22-year-old superstar made his debut as the musical guest during the season finale of the NBC sketch comedy series on Saturday (May 22), hosted by Anya Taylor-Joy. On Sunday morning, he thanked the show for the experience, calling the Saturday show the “favorite night of my career.”

However, during his provocative performance of his hit song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” he had a little mistake happen to him. When Lil Nas started doing some pole dancing as part of the choreography, he started covering his crotch. He later revealed on Twitter that his pants had suddenly ripped on stage.

In an appearance on The Tonight Show, the rapper told host Jimmy Fallon exactly what led to his wardrobe malfunction.

“So, I was pretty much going down the pole, you know, doing my little sexy drop down,” Lil Nas X explained. “And boom — I feel air!”

“I was like, ‘Okay, there’s definitely a breeze going on,’” he continued. “And I also felt some popping still happening when I was down there.”

Thankfully, Fallon had the footage of Lil Nas’ dress rehearsal which shows how the performance should’ve looked like.

It Wasn’t His Week

Lil Nas  then revealed that in addition to his wardrobe malfunction there had been another big challenge that happened in the lead up to his performance.

“One day before the performance, one of the dancers catches COVID right?” he shared. “And then all the dancers have to—we can’t see them anymore. And plus, we can’t see the choreographer in person anymore. […] They’re still in their hotel right now.”

He gave a shout out to the dancers who were able to perform the song with him onstage, who were only given 24 hours to prepare.


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