Halle Berry May Have Found Her Paris Ticket

Halle Berry May Have Found Her Paris TicketAs many of you already know we recently reported that Halle Berry was trying to move Paris with her boyfriend and daughter but her baby daddy was not going for it at all. However, now Halle Berry may just be able to persuade the judge to let her purchase the tickets and Gabriel will be stuck dealing with the issue the best he can.

Halle Berry’s lawyer has decided to call Andrew Deetz to the stand – the paparazzo that incited Halle at her daughter’s school. When he is on the stand he is going to be intensely grilled in hopes to get the point across to the judge that if Halle moves to Paris she and her family will receive more privacy and respect than they could ever imagine receiving in the US.


Andrew Deetz got into a brawl back in 2007 with one of Brittney Spears body guards in Vegas. Not to mention the fact that an additional French man will be called on the stand to also back up Halle Berry by explaining that the French culture differs in opinion when it comes to how celebrities should be treated.

All of this will take place next month but things are not looking to good when it comes to Gabriel winning this case.


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