Hailey Bieber Shuts Down ‘Rumors About How Justin Treats Her

On the latest episode of 4D with Demi Lovato, Hailey Bieber spoke up about certain rumors she’s been hearing about her relationship with her husband Justin Bieber. 

Squashing the Rumors

Demi Lovato asked the 24-year-old model where does she find her resilience and how to keep going when people are attacking her or just saying mean things?

“I think one of the biggest things is you have to know what the truth is behind everything. You know, there’s so many narratives that float around about me, about him, about us together,” Hailey responds.

“There’s one big fat narrative that goes around that’s like, ‘Justin is not nice to her and he mistreats her.’ And I’m just like, it’s so far from the truth and it’s the complete and utter opposite,” she continued. “I really am lucky to say I’m with someone who is extremely respectful of me. Who makes me feel special every single day, and so when I see the opposite of that, I’m just like huh. Because it’s just, and everybody around who knows us personally would say the same thing.”

The Support

“So I’m just like at the end of the day, when there’s rumors… and that’s why I love that Lizzo song that’s out right now, which is like, ‘Oh, the rumors are true.’ I’m like, you know what, you’re right. All the rumors are true, baby,” Hailey said. “It’s just, you have to be able to fight all the lies and all the bullsh-t that people come up with, with what is actually the truth.”

“So if the lie is they’re miserable in their relationship, it’s like, well, the truth is that we’ve literally never been more obsessed with each other and we have so much fun together, and you have to surround yourself with people, I think, that remind you of that too.”

The constant scrutiny does get to her, she explained to Demi Lovato.

“I think Justin does a very good job of reminding me because I have my low days where I’m like, ‘This is too much and all the things people are saying, I can’t take it today.’ Again, he’ll come in and be like, ‘Well, the truth is this, the truth is that you’re good and you’re secure and you’re loved and all of your friends love you and your family loves you and I love you.’”


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