Granny Is Knitting More than Quilts

Granny Is Knitting More than QuiltsWhile most grannies are at home knitting quilts Darlene Mayes is at home knitting drugs. From her appearance you would not expect her innocent face to have been one of Oklahoma’s biggest drug kingpins.

This week she has finally made the papers though when her operated blew up. Police came over to her home and they were rather shocked at what they found. She had 4 pounds of pot and also $276,000 in cash. She has $15,000 bundles of cash throughout her home. However, she claims that the money was part of her retirement fund.

The biggest shock of it all was the fact that she also had a semi-automatic pistol and also a revolver. So, far investigators have been able to conclude that her business was taking part in four states – Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. Currently, they have also concluded that she was the supplier of 40% of the marijuana in those areas.

She was the mastermind behind the plan but authorities believe that she has a network of dealers. One of them is suspected to be her son Jerry who has also been arrested.

Overall, sometimes the harmless looking seniors can be the best drug dealers. This is not the first time that an elder has been dealing drugs.


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