Finding Conrad Murray Guilty Was an Easy Decision

Finding Conrad Murray Guilty Was an Easy DecisionThe jurors who found Conrad Murray all stated that this was not a hard decision at all. Matters of fact, all of them were in agreement that he should be found guilty from the start. They knew as soon as the evidence had been presented that Conrad Murray was guilty of Michael Jackson’s death and he should be punished. None of them wanted to take too much about the case in particular but they all agreed that they are glad the case is over and they can continue with their normal lives. Also, they feel as though justice has been served.

We all know that Michael Jackson – the King of Pop- was a man who was loved internationally. So, the outcome of this case was really nothing surprising. It doesn’t matter which jurors were determining the outcome of the case, due to Michael Jackson’s status we knew from the very start that Conrad Murray was going down.

The jury did mention that the interview with the LAPD had no influence on their decision, which is probably correct; many people were probably just upset about the King of Pop’s death. However, it is going to be interesting to see what Conrad Murray has to say about Michael Jackson in his documentary.


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